More Domestic Violence – Different Sport

Wait up, NFL! Baseball is coming for you. Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy throwing his girlfriend on top of a bed full of guns and threatening to kill her is old news. Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice didn’t even have a firearm when he punched his girlfriend – now wife – in the face and dragged her out of a Las Vegas elevator. Those were horrific, disgusting events but former – maybe current – Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman has raised the ante on domestic violence in professional sports when he – allegedly – went batsh*t crazy during an argument with his girlfriend a couple of months ago.

In October, Chapman’s girlfriend found something on his phone that didn’t thrill her and the two started an argument during a family party. Chapman proceeded to choke her and shove her against the wall. Well, that escalated quickly. They were separated by a family member and then his girlfriend ran out of the house to hide in the bushes and call the cops. Chapman then decided to go to his car, punch the window and grab his gun from the glove compartment. Then he locked himself in his garage and fired seven shots into the concrete wall with another one going through the window.


Thank god for the 2nd Amendment protecting our right to irrationally escalate heated situations!

Needless to say, a lot of police officers responded to the scene and interviewed Chapman, his girlfriend, his driver and others. Unsurprisingly, everyone had different accounts as to what actually happened.

The incident started, Chapman’s girlfriend told police, after she went into a bathroom of Chapman’s 10,000-square-foot-plus house and “found something in his phone that she did not like,” according to the report. Chapman, his girlfriend told police, then took the phone from her, the report said. They went to the movie theater inside of Chapman’s home, where “he had pushed her against the wall,” according to the report, and “that Chapman had ‘choked’ her by placing his hands around her neck, but did not prevent her from breathing at any time.” Police did not observe “injuries or even redness anywhere on her neck or chest,” the report said.

Chapman tells the incredibly believable story that he used his index and middle fingers to poke his girlfriend on the left shoulder and tell her not to talk to him like that, which resulted in her falling to the ground and yelling. His driver told police that Chapman’s girlfriend tackled him to the ground. Due to the conflicting stories, lack of cooperation, and lack of physical injuries, there was insufficient evidence to charge Chapman with battery. ***Couldn’t someone have checked the garage for bullet holes? Wouldn’t that be evidence for some charge? ***

Anyone who is a Reds fan knows that they have been trying to trade everyone on their team during the off-season and Chapman was no exception. It was reported earlier this week that Chapman had been dealt to the Los Angeles Dodgers but that is on hold for now. The Reds GM told ESPN that the incident isn’t what held up the trade. Riiiiiiiiiight. I totally believe that one.

The Red Sox were also exploring a trade for Chapman in November but decided he may not be a good fit after they discovered he was a crazy person when this incident showed up on a background check.

What the hell is wrong with these guys?

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