Missing Mitt

In less than a year, we are going to elect a new person to the most powerful political position in the world. There is no running from that fact. Election day in November 2016 is going to come and go and someone will be sworn in to the presidency the following January. It may not be panic time for Republicans yet, but with Trump still holding a convincing lead and Carson still hanging around, that time is fast approaching.

As a result, there are some hoping that Mitt Romney will throw his hat into the ring although he has said numerous times that he won’t.


There is a common worry growing among Republican elites – whoever they are – over the rise of the “outsiders.” While the support for Carson seems to be slowing, Trump continues to hold a large lead no matter what ridiculous statements come out of his big mouth (Ex. N.J. Muslims cheering 9/11 – false; mocking a reporter’s physical disability – disgusting).

Adding some fuel to the Mitt Romney fire is a recent poll that suggested Romney would win New Hampshire convincingly over Trump. (Romney winning New Hampshire as a write-in candidate would be the best thing ever and I’m going to start praying for that tonight.)

It may be that the Romney love stems from the stances of some less visible candidates that represent core GOP principles. For example, Mike Huckabee’s national sales tax – which he calls  a “Fair Tax” – that eliminates taxes on our productivity and only taxes consumption. He claims that under his plan we can “get rid of the I.R.S.” because the government “has no business knowing how much money we make and how we made it.” Perfectly Republican.


Rick Santorum has proposed a “pro-family” tax plan – whatever that’s supposed to mean – with a $2700 tax credit for every family member. He also wants to “get the federal government out of this infrastructure business, other than vital economic highways,” adding that “we don’t need the federal government and the road business it is today.” Music to Republican ears.

Romney’s 2012 run for the White House was far less than perfect – the video of him saying that 47% of Americans see themselves as victims, dependent on government aid, was especially brutal and nail in his proverbial coffin. He recently told The Atlantic that he would do things differently and that he regretted his inability to persuade the less fortunate folks that he honestly cared about their welfare. So it’s easy to see the renewed Republican attraction to Romney. He has run for office before, has governed a state and has built a very successful business – unlike *cough cough*  Carly Fiorina *cough cough*. Some Massachusetts Democrats even voted for him for governor way back when. Maybe they’d do it again. Romney is the kind of guy Republicans used to nominate. Unfortunately, for them, and for him, we live in a world where Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination is a real thing that might actually happen.


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