Exit Stage Right

Jeb Bush’s campaign is in bad shape and it appears as if fundraising is now stalling based on its recent decision to downsize and cut salaries. Despite the Bush campaign’s rough go so far, Jeb still enjoys some advantages over the other Republican candidates. He has the most endorsement, the most money, his last name is Bush (which I still think is an advantage although the argument can be made that it is not), and he’s still generally ahead of the actual politicians running for the Republican nomination.

On the other hand, it seems pretty obvious that Jeb sucks at running for president. Therefore, if he wants to save face (and the Bush name) and do the best thing for his party, he needs to drop out right now and throw his support to Marco Rubio.

It doesn’t appear that Jeb is going to take my advice. The Bush campaign held a strategy pow wow this weekend which was more or less focused on taking Rubio down. I find it comical that they believed the best way to do this would be to label Rubio as the “GOP Obama.” That’ll get ’em Jeb! Why would Republicans want a young, charismatic conservative in the White House for eight years when they can have you!

To say that Bush’s campaign has been unimpressive would be to put it politely. Donald Trump’s characterization of Bush as “low-energy” has been pretty spot on and unless Bush’s mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, has changed her mind over the last two years, she thinks we’ve “had enough Bushes.” (To be fair, Mrs. Bush has since endorsed Jeb’s campaign). Jeb has had a tough time providing answers to questions about dynastic politics and W.’s Iraq invasion. His arguments in support of immigration reform have been too weak to provide any momentum.

Take the following exchange holding his brother blameless for 9/11 while crushing Hillary Clinton for Benghazi.

See what I mean? Swing and a miss.

Also, we cannot discount the fact that Bush is the only human breathing on this planet that is unable to win points over Hillary Clinton’s campaign being the same old Washington.

Rubio, however, is a young, strong public speaker who has shown the ability to work on both sides of the aisle. He performs better than Bush in head-to-head polling against Clinton. And, most importantly, he has the exact same policy positions as Bush – very conservative on abortion and foreign policy, a desire for deficit-increasing tax cuts, and a moderate on immigration reform.

So, in short, Marco Rubio is Jeb Bush but doesn’t suck at running for president.

Of course, the people on Jeb’s payroll will declare all of this to be premature. Bush has the money to run as long as he wants and, who knows, maybe he’ll mount a comeback to win the nomination. Just because Rubio is a much better politician than Bush, doesn’t mean that Bush can’t bury him under a humongous pile of money. I mean it isn’t like the Bushes don’t know how to get to the White House.

Plus, if worse comes to worse, Bush can drop out anytime he wants and endorse Rubio then if that’s what’s needed to stop Trump, Carson, Cruz, etc. from securing the nomination.

Either way, the Bush campaign has gone nowhere but down and there are no signs of it turning back the other way. The more people see of Bush, the more he earns an apathetic shoulder shrug from the voting public. If he drops out now, he would be seen as a good man driven by a sense of duty who wanted to do what was best for the Republican party. If he waits and his support continues to go South, I hope he’s ready for the humiliation that will inevitably come with it.

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