Meet the Mets: House Floor Edition

Here are your tax dollars at work, folks. Yesterday, Representative Adam Schiff (D) from California’s 28th Congressional district—that’s Los Angeles—went to the House floor to sing an incredibly sad, man-in-hostage-video-claims-to-be-being-treated-well version of “Meet the Mets.” You see, the man lost a bet to Rep. Steve Israel (D) of New York’s 3rd Congressional district (Brooklyn)—seemingly because the Dodgers lost to the Mets in the NLDS—and yesterday was pay day.

Between the Benghazi prosecution hearing and Rep. Schiff’s extremely uncomfortable version of “Meet the Mets,” this week has given us not one but two glorious examples of our tax dollars being flushed straight down the toilet.

Check it out below. (***Big props to the entry-level C-SPAN employee who waded through endless hours of monotonous bulls*t that goes on everyday in Congress to find this weird gem of a video.)

Yep. We funded that. My recommendation is to attempt to not think about how much you are paying in federal taxes the next time you get a paycheck. Have a good weekend, peeps.

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A lucky man. Also a lawyer. Classic oxymoron.

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