Jesus for President

Could you imagine? How much different would the race for White House look if the Man that all the candidates profess to have such a strong belief in were running Himself? I bet the debates would shake out a lot differently other than Trump continuing to insult everyone’s appearance. I’m not sure the presence of God Almighty would have any impact on the Donald’s ego.

To start, I don’t think being elected President of the United States would be something that Jesus cared about at all. Politics really wasn’t His thing. For the most part, Jesus seemed disinterested in the heated political topics of His time like whether an oppressed people should pay taxes.

It’s kind of fun to think about though. Can you imagine the greatness of His bumper stickers?

Jesus: He can walk on water. Surely, he can balance the budget.

Jesus: Performing miracles for 2000 years. 

Jesus: He’s got the whole world in His hands!

Jesus: The Original Comeback Kid

Just picture Him on stage in these debates. Would the cable network put Him at center stage or off to the side? How would he field the questions?

My bet is that His platform would be calling the public’s attention to the needs of the marginalized. He would be a champion for the poor and advocate policies that ensure that everyone has the basic needs of life. There is no doubt in my mind that He would call on people of faith to care for the poor and invite society as a whole to join in looking after their fellow citizens, whether one has faith or no faith, because that’s what neighbors do.

I think He would emphasize the truths He spoke while He walked among us so many years ago. For example, that there is a way not only to get along, but even a way to love your enemies. That telling the truth is simpler than what we make it to be. That we worry too much as a society, and that we work too much. We have become way too consumed with ourselves and not nearly concerned enough for our brothers and sisters.

It would be my guess that, on occasion, He would shed some tears while He listened to the other candidates go back and forth. Some of those tears would be in sadness due to the cruel nature of our current political environment; others in laughter because of the ridiculousness of the process.

He would talk more about the meaningful things of everyday life that all people have in common- weddings, births, a good meal, work- rather than focus on all the things that make us different from one another. He certainly would not perpetuate the notion that life revolves around politics and policy-making. He would be for loving your neighbor and against everything else.

I believe He would spend much of the time being silent, patiently waiting for His turn to speak. He would not point the finger at others when it was time to defend His views. Rather, He would share a simple story that we could all understand in defense of his stances.

He would be gentle in stark contrast to the brashness of the others. However, He may very well become angry when discussing things like incarceration rates or the inequalities in our justice system.

He would call on us to be the best people we can be because that is exactly what He sees when He looks at us. He would call on us to be servants. He ask us to rise about the current political atmosphere and to seek common ground with one another rather than exposing our differences. He would challenge us rise our level of thinking about what it means to be a human and a community member.

That’s how picture Jesus running his presidential campaign. And I don’t think He’d make it past Iowa.

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